5 Major Reasons why Celebrities hire house movers


Mr. Sreekanth who runs a house shifting company  is often loaded with a lot of phone calls. It is often seen that the actors, athlete’s musicians and artist move to different places due to their occupation. However, a celebrity’s moving day, could look quite different from yours. In fact, to avoid the paparazzi and fans, celebrities often don’t move during the day at all. Mr. Sreekanth is one among that renowned personality in Kochi who helps in hiring professional shifting teams for our celebrities. These shifting team members helps in keeping the actual move secret while diverting attention away from it when they do move.  Listed below are five tips you can take from celebrities when moving from one house to another.

  1. They hire professional movers:

Many celebrities hire Mr. Sreekanth shifting team to pack and move their homes. Even though some celebrities like packing their own personal items, most do not have the time to do it themselves.  Moreover, white-glove moving companies pay more attention to the details of the move. When news of moving day reaches the paparazzi, they know what to do.

Tip: You won’t regret choosing qualified shifting team for your next move. Even if you don’t want to hire pros that specialised in celebrity moving there is a wide network of reliable movers available on Moving.com. They are capable of packing and moving your entire home. They are trustworthy people because they’re licensed and insured.

  1.   They employ an entire fleet of movers:

Celebrities’ homes are typically considerably larger than the average home. The average size of a single-family home completed in 2020, according to the US Census Bureau, was 2,261 square feet, while celebrities are known to live in smaller homes in a mansion that exceeds 10,000 square feet. More space means more stuff, and the more stuff you have to move, the more boxes you will need to pack. Therefore, celebrities frequently require several moving trucks to move their belongings to their new place.

Tip: The majority of shifting team is based on the amount of belongings you need to transport to your new residence. You can dispose of old and broken items, donate unwanted items, or sell them at a garage sale.

  1. They move at odd hours on moving day:

Avoiding paparazzi in one of the biggest challenges for celebrities.  Unlike any common person they don’t want photographers snapping pictures of their belongings or inside their new home. Celebrities avoid this by relocating at odd hours of the night or early in the morning. It is possible they will leak a false moving date in order to fool the paparazzi.  There is little chance of a crowd gathering or anyone gaining unauthorized access to their property.

Tip: The movers are at their most enthusiastic state in the morning. Theoretically, if you are their first move of the day, they will be able to complete the task faster and more efficiently than they would later in the day. Also, the celebrities do not mind interacting with them because there is no crowd. 

  1. They use specialists to move valuables:

The wealthy and famous frequently mass art antiques, and other treasures, and they pay experts to pack and transport their collections. In part, they hire specialists to assure their collection is correctly packed and moved. Mr. Sreekanth of a famous House shifting company in Ernakulam Kochi says only professional team can do such things perfectly.  Staffs at moving companies are trained to carefully plan the move of every piece, pack it using the acceptable packing materials and reassemble it in its new home.

Tip: If you have got a particularly valuable collection, consider hiring an expert to relocate it. Or, pack it yourself using the acceptable packing materials

Celebrity moves typically involve multiple moving vans. As mentioned above, celebrities tend to possess more possessions and want more vans to maneuver them. But they’ll also hire extra vans to use as decoys to throw the paparazzi off. For instance, they will send two vans off first, heading in one direction, to lure whatever paparazzi are present on a wild goose chase. Then, they will send the moving vans containing their possessions to their new house.

  1. They use decoy vans on moving day:

Tip: Make sure your boxes are packed and ready to travel if you’re relocating yourself. Prepare a team of family and friends to help you, as well as a daily programme. It is beneficial to drive the route from your current residence to your new residence.

Know when to anticipate professional house removal companies to pack and relocate your belongings, and be ready when they arrive. Confirm they need a minimum of one clear route through your home and to the van. At the top of the day, tip them for his or her services. You don’t need to, but your shifting team will appreciate the gesture.

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Pro Cochin House Shifting and Moving Packers 

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