This is a story of a friendship bond between two girls, born and brought up in UAE, belonging to two different religions, but holding the passports of two countries who are fighting each other. A tale of an Indo-Pak bond. As a token of that friendship, Dubai witnessed the launch of the best dental and aesthetic center in the Middle East.

Niya Roy, an Indian, and Seham Asad, a Pakistani, broke down the borders to create a friendship garden. Niya is the daughter of Hollywood director and global businessman Sir Sohan Roy. Like her father, she is a Naval Architect and holds a Master’s degree in the subject. But, due to her keen interest in hypnotherapy, Niya works part-time in that field. Niya, the Chief Happiness Officer of Aries Group, is also an investor in several ventures. She is already an established Hypnotherapist and one of the top 7 podcasters in Middle East.

While Seham , daughter of Asad Ali Khan, a well established buisnessman in the field of travel and tourism, born and brought up in Fujairah, she completed her dental degree from Ajman University with First Rank and pursued her career as a dental surgeon and clinical tutor at the same university she graduated from. Her parents passed away unexpectedly, making her the sole supporter of her younger brother and sister. During this time, Niya and Seham’s friendship blossomed and turned into a family bond. However, when they realized that the distance between Fujairah and Dubai was a problem for their friendly meetings, to bring Seham’s family from Fujairah to Dubai, the idea of a dental clinic was envisaged. But the small idea quickly turned massive.

Along with Seham, seven specialists in the field of dental and aesthetics and the most modern equipment were added including many uniques ones to make it the best. When the massive top class clinic found headquarters at the famous and the most expensive location in Dubai facing the JBR walk & beach, everyone around was shocked. The Aries Dental and Aesthetic Clinic facility has been disinfected using Ten Shield’s virus-free air mask to make it unique and safe . A project is also initiated to detect dental-skin-cosmetic problems of everyone in a family or institution using the advanced facilities available in Clinic for an affordable rate and cure it well in advance before getting complicated. Aries will be the first Dental and Aesthetic clinic to offer the services of “Cliniqally,” a revolutionary online consultancy platform too.

Two friends who had to travel more than 100 kilometers now meet in adjacent rooms, developing unique and innovative ideas to advance their joint venture. At the heart of JBR, Dubai, they strive to provide state-of-the-art five-star treatment to enhance beauty, confidence and anti aging with reputed experts of both Dental and Aesthetic Industry.

Seham’s younger brother, Saad, works as an Inside Sales Manager for a reputed multinational company in Dubai, and her younger sister, Sara, works with Emirates Airlines at the Dubai Airport. Her older sister, Seher, also a dental surgeon, is a part of the new clinic. Sharing food and jokes at the dinner table, leaving aside the border issues or religious thoughts, let the love and friendship among these friends grow strong and spread among the 1.6 billion people living in these two countries.

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