Varsha, born as the only daughter of struggling paramedical staff parents working far away from home, was brought up by her Grandmother. With no fancy memories to remember except loneliness, books became her only companion. Despite securing 98% marks, her academic dreams seemed bleak. To get a job quickly and support her family, she decided to join the paramedical medical field like her parents. But her destiny changed when her parents got placed in Aries Group, the world’s largest Ship design and inspection Firm. With an effective efficiency measuring system for their Staff and Children, Aries identified Varsha’s potential. They sponsored her to join the Naval Architecture course at Sree Narayana College, Cochin.

The company took over her mentorship to set Career targets and fine-tuned her talent and passion using their Efficiency Management Tool EFFISM. Her task was to become the world’s best maritime student. Initially, it seemed impossible for a village girl to conquer the world, and her hostel life was spoiling her Character development. In the early days, it affected her scores, and she lost the top ranks. But as an ardent follower of EFFISM, she didn’t give up and took necessary corrective actions to improve each day with continual improvement. For Aries, a leader must be adept at the soft skills required for the industry. But unfortunately, it is not included in a conventional academic curriculum. Hence, Varsha took the initiative to coordinate all possible tasks on the campus to mould her leadership and creativity. At the same time, she focused on academics to reach the top on semester exams and maintained it till the end of her course.

But to reach the top of the world was not enough. She had to compete with the best multi-skilled talents from hundreds of maritime academies globally, which are dominated by approx. 98% of males. She knew that just with her academic scores and extracurricular activities, she could never beat them. She took the initiative to research Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Augmented reality, and Virtual reality, which have not yet taken control of the Maritime Industry but will seemingly have a vast impact on the industry due to their scope of application. She presented three international papers in Singapore, Dubai, and India, respectively, in her final year despite being on a tight schedule to finish her final project to design a complete Oceanographic SWATH Research Vessel. Even her project guide in the college was upset about these multiple activities and was totally against her tight schedule. But Varsha was confident about finishing all her tasks on time as EFFISM fine-tuned her time management skills. During holidays and weekends, she went to Aries Group’s design division to understand industrial working culture and EFFISM usage to gain practical experience. She did several certification courses in NDT and even attended Rope Access training sessions, typically meant for men only.

When Shiptek announced the first International Maritime Student Award competition in Dubai, she was ready with very high academic scores, Extracurricular activity records, soft skill training, Academic Research, and International Paper presentations. Many highly talented students were lined up for the best maritime Student race, and she was the only female candidate in the final round. However, the selection committee was not confused, and their unanimous decision to declare Varsha the winner made all female maritime students worldwide proud and motivated.

“Without Aries Group’s CEO, Sir Sohan Roy, as my Career Mentor, EFFISM as my Professional guide, and the love and hardship of my parents, I wouldn’t have reached this level. I dedicate this award to all of them”, Varsha quoted during the ShipTek International Awards ceremony conducted in Dubai, attended by hundreds of elite Maritime Legends. She was specially congratulated by the officials of Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s largest and Oldest Ship Classification Societies, and offered her a placement opportunity in their Marine New Building Division as Surveyor. But she was already placed with her mentor Company, Aries Group, which she never wanted to quit. But the salary offer was the highest a fresher could dream of; they even contacted Aries Group directly to get her. Aries was happy to see their best talent join BV, as it is best for her career. In fact, their mentorship would be fruitful only if they allowed her to board the right Ship. Although they lost one of their best talents, as a Professional Organization, they have proved that it’s the corporate professional responsibility of each Organization to give hands to talented ones in academics to choose their field, mould them as Industrial mentors and place them in the right slot.

Varsha is finally a part of BV, but she has not cut off her links with Aries Group. She has started her Industrial doctorate program at AIMRI, an industrial University under Aries, to increase her expertise and competence in the field of research. Varsha is preparing to improve the effectiveness of maritime career practices by researching her life’s guiding principle and success secret. For an ordinary girl with no dreams, if such an evolution is possible through the magical EFFISM system in just four years, it will surely do wonders for those working in the field and students preparing to enter it.

Be it a student, job seeker, professional, businessman, or entrepreneur, EFFISM can improve the efficiency of individuals working in every aspect of life, as an individual or team. It can also convert increased efficiency into profit for an organization by recognizing each individual’s ability, aptitude, competence, and dreams by setting life goals and increasing efficiency as they strive daily to attain their goals.

Hope this wonder girl will develop an innovative concept or product soon to transform the Maritime Industry and make every Maritime Professional feel Proud.

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