The Aries Group recently etched its name in history with an unprecedented organ donation campaign, gathering over 1650 enthusiastic volunteers who pledged their commitment to this noble cause. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that more than half of these generous souls’ hail from the heart of UAE, underlining the global impact of this initiative.
At the core of Aries Group’s mission lies a profound desire to dispel apprehensions surrounding organ donation while fervently advocating for its widespread acceptance. On December 7, this ambition materialized as 1650 individuals, half of them from the UAE and the rest from various corners of the world where the organization operates, joined forces to take the pledge.
The initiative goes beyond a mere philanthropic endeavor. It resonates with the very ethos of Aries Group, emphasizing the preservation of health not just for employees but also their families through organ donation. In a visionary move, family members above the age of 18 actively participated, showcasing a collective commitment to extend the ripple effect of compassion and care. As an increasing number of individuals step forward to support organ donation, the supply of organs will surge, leading to a potential reduction in their market price. This surge in availability directly challenges the existence of organ mafias, diminishing their relevance and ultimately paving the way for their eradication. Aries Group, championing this noble cause, stands at the forefront, presenting a visionary goal aligned with this transformative shift.
What distinguishes Aries Group’s commitment is the pledge to reserve 90% of its future vacancies for those aligned with the organ donation campaign. This strategic integration of emotional intelligence into the workplace, facilitated by Efism, reflects a holistic approach toward enhancing employee welfare and efficiency.
Sir Sohan Roy, the visionary Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aries Group, heralded this milestone as a new asset in their unwavering dedication to social causes. The collaboration with Green Life in UAE amplifies the impact, further underscoring the collaborative effort driving this groundbreaking campaign. The indispensable guidance of Father Davis Chiramel, who secured official approval for the propagation of this campaign in the UAE, stands as a testament to the collective willpower and unity behind this transformative cause.
Aries Group’s commitment extends far beyond rhetoric; it’s a dedicated effort to empower each participant by offering essential guidance to safeguard their organs. This commitment doesn’t just elongate lifespan but enriches the quality of life. Acknowledging the intricate interplay of factors shaping health, the organization pledges comprehensive support, addressing everything from lifestyle choices to environmental influences.
Health is a complex interweaving of variables—sleep patterns, balanced nutrition, regular physical activity, metabolic equilibrium, ample hydration, and exposure to various pollutants like air quality, noise, or radiation. It also encompasses the impact of detrimental habits, mental stress, consistent medication use, and issues related to obesity. Aries Group, under the guidance of Sir Sohan Roy, pledges maximum assistance, ensuring these facets are preserved effectively, thereby contributing to an extended lifespan.

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